adult ministries

We believe it is important for us to fellowship together and to disciple one another.

So, with that in mind currently, at 10am each Sunday morning, we have an open discussion centered on a book.

As of right now, and for the foreseeable future, we will be taking our time working through the book What If Jesus Was Serious by Sky Jethani.

This book takes the statements Jesus makes in His Sermon on the Mount [Mt.5], points out what Jesus says, & then asks the question; "What if Jesus was serious about this?  

And if He was, what do we do with it now?"

This weekly discussion does not require the book to be in hand & it is very much a discussion.  So consider joining us for this 45 min. conversation.

Oh, and there's always food during this time.  We find it good to gather around the table as we talk about Jesus' words...

...we just ask that you not talk while eating.