service times

Sunday Morning Schedule

10am:  Book Discussion

Current Book:  What If Jesus Was Serious by Skye Jethani

[if you're interested in purchasing the book it can be easily found on Amazon or other book purchase sites

or at the local book store

BUT - you do not need to have the book to engage in the conversation]

11:00am:  Worship Gathering

Our time of worship is a continual mix of old hymns [done in a modern fashion] and new songs you might hear on Christian radio.  We try & make room for the old & the new as well as space to be quiet before God & one another.

When it comes to the "teaching" time we employ a discussion model.  Meaning that most weeks there are at least two people doing the teaching in, what feels like, a free-flowing conversation that often engages the gathered church in that conversation.

The worship gathering takes place at our South Campus located at:

1001 W. Washington, Saint Louis, MI 48880